We believe that great design creates differentiation. And differentiation helps companies win.

REBEL / reb-uh l /

One who challenges the norm and rises up against the status quo.

OWL / o u l /

One with extraordinary listening, vision, precision and efficiency.

Welcome to Rebel Owl

We are an independent design firm, that works at the intersection of business, creativity and technology to bring exceptional experiences to life. From our office in Singapore we provide design services to leading brands across the region and globally.

We play to our strengths, but never stop learning.


Our highly experienced team of designers, developers and project managers have worked together for most of the digital age. We work in partnership with our clients to amplify their design output and deliver high quality work consistently and rapidly.

how we work

Our clients’ requirements are unique. And so are the solutions we offer.

We specialise in creating beautiful, intuitive and efficient experiences that solve the needs of people and measurably deliver on our client’s goals.

This involves combining human-centred design principles with the ability to convert ideas into impactful solutions consistently and with precision.


Make things work better


Make things look better


Find new opportunities by solving existing problems


Redefine problems to find true innovation

Adapted from Jess McMullin, Design Maturity Continuum

Making Banking More Accessible

We helped a leading regional bank transform their banking platforms to reach and serve customers more effectively. Using a series of design sprints, we rapidly analysed requirements, generated ideas and created high fidelity designs that could be handed over to development teams to implement.


The way customers interact with banks is changing.

Competitors were aggressively rolling out digitization initiatives that were winning awards and driving growth.

The client initiated a series of major infrastructure upgrades to improve speed and reliability of their banking platforms.

Strategy & Solution

We were engaged to work with the bank’s Customer Experience team to work in an agile way to review and redesign the entire front-end customer experience.

This involved two weekly mini-workshops where requirements were discussed, ideas generated and designs reviewed.


A brand new design system and over 1,000 screens were developed and implemented in six months.

We worked concurrently on desktop, tablet and mobile versions of the platforms. Once designs were finalized, high-res design files could be passed to development teams to implement.

The new simplified, visually appealing and easy-to-use design, combined with performance improvements of the new infrastructure have transformed the user experience for both clients and staff of the bank.

Showcasing Immersive Experiences

We helped a leading Telco to deliver powerful, personalized customer narratives tailored to the needs and wants of different audiences. By building physical and digital content that could be updated dynamically we support the client to create customised narratives for visitors.


The client wanted to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformations by showcasing how state of the art technologies could be applied to specific industry clusters.

The client wanted a space that was designed for interactions beyond the screen – immersing visitors in the stories being shared.

Strategy & Solution

We designed a modular and flexible space with storytelling at the heart of the experience.

This involved charting end-to-end visitor experience maps for each industry cluster, and developing the physical and digital assets that would help bring the stories to life.


“The versatility and modularity of the space is designed to engender dialogue and spur co-creation of new business models in the areas of digital transformation and disruption” – Group CEO

The facility has hosted numerous government and enterprise visitor tours during the past three years.

The modular design allows the sections to be easily updated for different industry verticals and narratives.

Delivering What Matters Most

We worked with a world-class asset manager to share their strategic capabilities and market insights with their institutional clients and end investors.


The client’s strategic capabilities are at the heart of delivering what matters most to their clients, be that consistent income, growing investment returns or investing in a way that helps society and respects the environment.

In our ever-changing market conditions, these insights need to be delivered quickly and concisely to their audience.


Rebel Owl were engaged to work alongside the Singapore marketing team to create assets in multiple formats as part of the tactical and always-on campaigns strategy.

These assets are distributed on social channels, emails and on their website. We also support other countries in the region with our technical know-how of their content management and email marketing platforms.


The team works closely with the client to create new assets several times a week, and sometimes even within the same day in response to current affairs that may have an impact on the investment outlook.

Shaping The Future of Education

We partnered with one of the largest and fastest growing private education groups in SouthEast Asia to rebrand and relaunch their flagship international school in Singapore.


Our client, a Private Equity group with a portfolio of private and international schools across Asia Pacific, wanted to rebrand, replatform and relaunch a newly acquired international school in Singapore. This highly complex engagement required engaging and managing a tight-knit existing community of students, parents and educators through a transition to a new brand and enhanced offering, whilst also attracting and enrolling new families to the school.


Working with the school’s Senior Leadership Team we helped them plan, manage and execute all rebranding activities including everything from a new website, marketing collateral, digital marketing strategy, physical signage and content marketing. This project required us to engage with all stakeholders to ensure their needs were understood. In addition, a thorough competitive review was conducted to help inform the new design and content requirements.


With a completely revised strategic marketing plan, new and revamped responsive website, new social media presence and impactful marketing campaign, the new brand was launched successfully and to great feedback from stakeholders. All key metrics such as web traffic, enquiries and registrations improved significantly following the relaunch. The new marketing approach and on-going design services have laid the foundation for sustainable growth going forward.

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